Pickled Vegetables


50 g carrots

50 g cauliflower

50 g red peppers

40 g zucchinis

1 clove of garlic

50 g white wine vinegar

20 g olive oil or coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

10 g lemon juice

Time of execution
20 minutes
Execution Method
Peel the carrots
In a pan with water and vinegar, boil the vegetables, carrots and cauliflower, and add the red peppers in the end (you can add more vegetables that you like)
Add in the pan the garlic, finely chopped, and salt
Prepare the marinade by mixing together the vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice
Put the vegetables in a glass container and allow to cool, then add the marinade
* The grams mentioned in the recipe are indicative.
The quantities of ingredients are adjusted according to your MyFlex Menu!
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