Healthy Recipes


Flexible nutrition in practice…

The greatest challenge while we are on diet is being able to stick to it until we achieve our goal. Apart from our will, faith, perseverance and effort we need to show, it is equally important to have tangible solutions that will facilitate this process. When the daily menu includes original and healthy recipes, nothing can go wrong!

The fat loss process does not have – and should not have – only the obvious results, i.e. changing our external appearance. As we stick to our plan, it is of utmost importance to have the “tools” that help us both in fat loss and in maintaining the result; trying healthy, light and nutritional recipes, learning slowly to taste our food – not just eat it, acquiring basic culinary skills that will always be useful for us. The use of our imagination every day when preparing meals can be cultivated, and we give you a few ideas just to help you in your first steps!

Below you may find several nutritional recipes for sweet and savory dishes. Choose the recipe you like, adjust the grams of each ingredient according to your Myflex Menu, and get closer to achieving your target as you eat!

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