Weight loss & Nutritional Freedom

Unique Flexible Meal Plans

Yes, you can enjoy both! These principles are based on a flexible diet, which combines the love of food with the science of weight loss because food is enjoyment, a means of delight and socialization, and not only source of energy and nutrients.

Learning the harmonious coexistence of the free choice of food and the control of the body composition
through the macronutrients received from the diet guarantees the acquisition of the desired weight, without any food

obsessions and strict restrictions. Additionally, a balanced diet is a key to maintaining a healthy weight. Systematic care for the intake of the necessary micronutrients ensures physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, accompanied by energy and cheerfulness.

The goal of Dimitris Economakis,
founder of MyFlex and leader of a team of dietitians-nutrition experts and trainers

who love good nutrition (healthy eating lifestyle) and exercise is to teach you how to eat and exercise so that you can acquire and maintain a lean body without deprivation.

You will be able to enjoy your life daily, building a positive relationship with food. Experience real, complete and permanent change, in an intimate and friendly environment, with excellent science, focusing exclusively on your needs.

Personalization is key to success.
MyFlex is staffed by a team of highly educated dieticians who diagnose and assess nutritional problems before planning a personalized program.

They provide personal advice to people who want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve athletic performance and manage diseases. Also, MyFlex team promotes healthy eating habits to maintain a long-term healthy weight.”

They approach each case as unique.
Through Nutrition and Dietetics Training "

programs and courses, they transmit their constantly updated knowledge, in order to achieve the improvement of eating behavior and to protect from health issues.

Furthermore, they always set realistic goals. The nutritional field is determined after cooperation with you, in order to take into account all the parameters that determine or affect their achievement. After all, everybody is different and every age has different needs. For a variety of reasons, this is a nice challenge for the MyFlex science team.

Join our team and learn to love and take care of your body…


Special nutrition

(vegeterian, allergies, intolerances, etc.)

MyFlex​ Transformations

Our members, the family of Myflex Diet Center, are the "mirror" of our work!

Below you can see numerous transformations by people who followed the flexible diet and with the support of the Myflex Diet Center team managed to achieve their goal!

MyFlex Recipes

When the daily menu includes original and healthy recipes, nothing can go wrong!
Our Key
Oikonomakis Dimitris
Head - Founder of MyFlex
Kaforou Iro
Dietitian | Nutritionist BSc
Skopianou Charoula
Dietitian | Nutritionist BSc
Andreoy Rafailia
Dietitian | Nutritionist BSc , MSc
Zervakaki Melina
Dietitian | Nutritionist BSc
Katsafadou Varvara Stauroula
Dietitian | Nutritionist BSc
Ioanna Tzitzi
Dietitian | Nutritionist BSc
Ioanna Eleutheria Liaskou
Dietitian | Nutritionist BSc
Matina Zisimatou
Dietitian | Nutritionist BSc
With each somatometric assessment, live or via online coaching, you win a € 30 gift voucher for nutrition products
, for purchases over € 100, at or at our physical store.