Myflex® Diet Center in Nikaia

Main Store Address in Nikaia

1 Anakreontos Nikaia,

Athens 18453

tel: 211 0133008

myflex νίκαιας
Dietitians in Nikaia

You can count on the experienced MyFlex team of dieticians to help you love your body and spark up a passion for adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our job description is not limited to providing a simple eating plan. We are here to get to know you and to create a pleasurable eating plan which will not only suit your taste but also take into consideration any health issues you may suffer from. False and dangerous tactics which revolve around restrictive food intake are condemned and are not implemented here. We will help you build a harmonious relationship with food and see it as a delicious fuel that will facilitate the proper function of your body.

myflex νίκαιας
Diet Center in Nikaia

In a modern and welcoming office on a main street in Nikaia, our dieticians wait for you to come and help you achieve your goals. If you find yourselves in the area, you should come by and meet our friendly staff. From your first appointment, we do our best to lead you to your dream body without resorting to extreme and dangerous solutions. 

In our MyFlex office space, you will feel confident and secure to share your goals and concerns. You are going to see the changes that you desire so much in your body and in your relationship with food thanks to an eating plan that is tailored to your needs and wants. The fact that our dieticians book frequent appointments for our clients and they adjust their eating plan based on the way their body responds to it is the secret of our success. 

The fact that Flexstores is in the same building as our office proves the emphasis we pay on healthy food as a driving force for weight loss. In Flexstores, you will find a wide range of products which are made of a few and natural ingredients. They will be perfect for making delicious dishes, eating snacks without feeling guilty and getting fit. You can get your weekly groceries at Flexstores as you won’t have to worry about buying products that contain preservatives and hold back your progress.

myflex νίκαιας