Myflex® Diet Center in Nea Smyrni

Branch Address in Nea Smyrni

154 El. Venizelou Nea Smyrni,

Athens 171 22

tel: 211 0133008

Myflex® Νέα Σμύρνη
The First MyFlex Franchise in Nea Smyrni
The fact that there are so many people who adore the MyFlex weight loss program has led us to the decision to start a franchise business. Our first-ever franchise is located in Nea Smyrni! Even more people can look at themselves in the mirror now and feel confident and joyful.
Myflex® Νέα Σμύρνη
Dietitians in Nea Smyrni

What makes MyFlex stand out from the rest of the fitness and weight loss programs? The excellently trained dietitians that form the MyFlex team are well aware of the negative and dangerous consequences that can result from restrictions on calorie intake or consumption of meals that are not high in macronutrients, or macros for short (protein, carbohydrates and fats). Our experienced dieticians in Nea Smyrni are fully capable of designing an individualized eating plan for you based on your build and your lifestyle. This way you will not only receive all the necessary nutrients but also feel satiated at the end of every day.

You will soon realize that there is no reason to starve yourselves or to eat flavorless meals in order to lose weight. If you have filling and enjoyable meals, you ensure that your body is healthy, you are on good terms with food and your own self, and your energy levels are high every day.

myflex νίκαιας
Diet Center in Nea Smyrni

If you want to feel confident and love your body, do not hesitate to come by our office in Nea Smyrni. In our modern and beautiful space, where you can feel at home, the MyFlex team is ready to listen to you and help you obtain your dream body. 

We book appointments on a regular basis in order to watch the way your body responds to the individualized eating plan of the “If It Fits Your Macros” diet. During these appointments, our dieticians usually measure your body composition, maintain your health record, check your progress and discuss any concerns or worries you may have with the utmost respect. These constructive meetings are crucial as our experienced dieticians can then alter and adjust your existing eating plan so that you can continue to see positive changes in your body and your lifestyle. 

Along with our Diet Center, you will also find Flexstores, our dietary supplements store, in Nea Smyrni. This is a modern and impressive store where you can buy healthy snacks and exercise equipment. By simply entering the store, you will experience a strong desire to take good care of your body as you will be surrounded by fun items that make people happy.