Homemade Bars


6-7 Dates

200 g Oat flakes

100 g Tahini

100 g Honey

50 g Nuts (walnuts or hazelnuts partially crushed)

1-2 teaspoons cocoa

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Time of execution
10-15 minutes
Execution Method
Add the oat flakes in a food processor and beat, then pour it in a large bowl.
Then add the dates in the food processor and blend. Add them in the bowl.
Then add the tahini, honey, cocoa, nuts and cinnamon.
Mix well to create a smooth paste and then transfer in a small baking pan(14*24) with parchment paper.
Spread the mixture in the baking pan and press gently to even it out.
Refrigerate for over one hour and then remove it from the fridge and cut in 10 equal parts or less if you want each piece to be more than 50 g.
Keep refrigerated until you eat them.
* The grams mentioned in the recipe are indicative.
The quantities of ingredients are adjusted according to your MyFlex Menu!
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