Jelly with Yoghurt


2 sachets strawberry jelly

2 sachets banana jelly

1 Instick with banana flavor

500 g strained yoghurt, 2%

Time of execution
1 hour
Execution Method
Prepare the strawberry jelly according to the preparation instructions, pour in a shallow tray and place in the fridge to cool.
In a glass with lukewarm water, pour the 2 sachets of banana jelly and the banana-flavored Instick and stir well to dissolve.
Mix it with the yoghurt and place it in the freeze to cool.
In a tray, we add the strawberry jelly in pieces and we pour on top the yoghurt mixture, then we refrigerate it until set.
When set, turn it over on a plate, cut and serve.
Keep refrigerated.
* The grams mentioned in the recipe are indicative.
The quantities of ingredients are adjusted according to your MyFlex Menu!
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