Panna Cotta


(for two small portions)

200 ml almond milk or 1.5% fat milk

50 gr strained yogurt2 %

2.5 gr (1 stick) INSTICK Sugar free drink (the flavor you like)

5 gr gelatin powder

4ALLNUTRITION Sugar free syrup (the flavor you like)

Χρόνος εκτέλεσης
10 λεπτά
In a pot add half the milk and place over low heat to warm it up.
Add the yoghurt and whisk well until the mixture becomes incorporated. Remove from heat.
In another bowl add the rest of the milk cold, the INSTICK sugar free drink and the gelatin and whisk well. Leave it for 5 minutes.
Add the cold mixture in the warm mixture and mix thoroughly.
Place the cream in bowls or small glasses and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
Before serving, add the 4ALLNUTRITION sugar free syrup as desired and enjoy it.
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